updating our ugly 80’s powder room

this is the best “before” photo I have (I’m terrible about taking photos since I often just spontaneously jump into a project!)  Check out the groovy oak toilet seat too!

Our powder room lies  nestled in the walk through laundry area off of our garage.  With three Sprouts, you can imagine how frequently this wee bathroom is accessed!  We have aspirations to paint it just to freshen it up, but recently we jumped at the opportunity to have the fixtures replaced (have I mentioned that I have the most awesome father-in-law ever?).  Continue reading

renew your grout on a shoestring budget


We’ve lived in this 1980s Tudor style house for several years now and the grout on the main level continues to be my nemesis.  The tile covers the entryway, kitchen, dining area, laundry room, and powder room.  It was disgusting when we first moved in and I buckled down to clean it with vinegar and baking soda back then.  It worked and looked so much better!  However, the grout needed resealing.  If we had an unlimited budget, I’d replace it to be sure.  But since that is not a reality, I’ve continued to clean it periodically with the baking soda and vinegar, Bar Keeper’s Friend, and a host of other cleaning methods.  I even got a steam mop in hopes of making the process easier.  It didn’t.  The main problem is that the kitchen gets disgusting fairly quickly.  We cook a lot and its a main traffic area as well.

Thankfully, I stumbled across Grout Renew recently.  For about $13 a bottle, this stuff is amazing!  Its a polyblend that renews the grout and acts as a sealant.  The process is a bit laborious but well worth the time.  I used a short bristled craft paint brush instead of their recommended toothbrush application because the craft brush gave me more control.  And, after painting each grout line, I used a piece of toilet paper and quickly wiped the excess that oozed on the tile itself.  The polyblend dries more rapidly than I’d anticipated and wiping the excess as you go is a lot easier than scraping the dried polyblend with your fingernail later on!

the powder room floor before Grout Renew
the powder room floor before Grout Renew


here you can compare the old dirty grout lines with the fresh Grout Renew lines
here you can compare the old dirty grout lines with the fresh Grout Renew lines

The Grout Renew comes in several colorways.  I’d recommend picking two or three that you think may work.  You can always return what you don’t use.  And, instead of buying the recommended grout cleaner, I used a more economical and eco-friendly solution that I use on furniture before painting it: two parts Dawn dish detergent, two part warm water, and one part white vinegar.  It works like a charm.

I’m super pleased with our results.  It makes the floor look cleaner, brighter, and newer.  I haven’t steam mopped it yet, though.  I’m trusting that Grout Renew will tolerate that well too.

the grout lines above the blue painter's tape have been treated, the lines below are the original grout lines
the grout lines above the blue painter’s tape have been treated, the lines below are the original grout lines