our English Tudor remodel: patience


There is always some hiccup in any design project, whether its a DIY or professionally orchestrated.  We had no hard and fast deadline for this project when it started.  No big gathering like Christmas, a birthday bash, wedding, etc that many residential clients bank on when embarking on a large scale project.  That’s never wise, by the way!  In my mind, and I think our contractor would agree, I was thinking we’d be done by mid-July or the end of July at the latest.  No such luck!  Wikipedia tags our community as a “fringe-rural” one.  Meaning that we have a lot of agriculture around and are kinda in the middle of nowhere.  And, being a smaller, less lucrative community about four hours from Denver and four hours from Salt Lake City apparently means that we are not top priority when it comes to delivering building supplies.  We finally got our Trex in last week, but they didn’t ship everything and then yesterday the guys discovered that some of the pieces shipped were the wrong pieces.  Now its become a joke between us….when will this project end?  Only time will tell.


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