Last Fall, we gave away our entire flock of (nine) chickens and our two sweet ducks.  Keeping them was getting to be a financial burden and with the kids’ increased activities (and thus the time commitment for those activities) we felt like we were not giving them the attention they needed.  Can I just say that I’ve missed them terribly?  I miss seeing them roaming the yard, chasing crickets, and just their humorous little antics in general.  So, when a good friend asked me to babysit some naughty girls in her flock, I just couldn’t say no!  Olive and Rosie get along well together but apparently haven’t been playing well with others lately.  (For those of you who aren’t into chickens, lets just say that the “pecking order” is a real thing and can become quite ominous!)

The ladies adjusted very well yesterday to their temporary confinement.  The chicken yard has become quite overgrown so I’m hoping they will take care of some of the greenery while they’re hanging out.  The only snafu was that they had not figured out the coop and where the nesting boxes were yesterday, so we had eggs laid very carefully on the ground.  Maybe they’ll get a clue today since they spent the night locked up in the coop!

On a superficial design note (because it doesn’t really matter), don’t you think that keeping backyard chickens is just so very English Tudor?


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