our English Tudor remodel: this ‘n’ that


Home projects (and really any project, even commercial ones!) rarely proceed as scheduled.   We aren’t in a hurry, so its no skin off our backs.  But I really thought we’d be done before we headed back East to visit family a few weeks ago. It didn’t happen.  We had to wait on the metal roofing for the overhang on the kitchen/dining area exterior wall.  Which was backordered.  And now we are waiting for the backordered railing system from Trex.  That’s the way the cookie crumbles I suppose.

The overhang installation was finished yesterday and I think that it was done well.  We truly are fortunate to have a great contractor and his subs.  The jury is still out on the color I selected from a teeny tiny color swatch a few months ago.  I think its more clay colored than I was anticipating, but that could also be due to lighting.  I’m trying to sneak a peek at it during different times of the day before I form a solid opinion.  Its supposed to be “copper” but of course is a fabricated copper and not the real deal.  The idea was to create a bit of an accent that coordinated with the rest of the house, bringing out some of the tones in the roof shingles especially.  Maybe it will look better once the railing is up too.

The rest of the lighting has also been installed and I’m pleased with how the style fits with what we are trying to achieve here.  They’re also dawn to dusk LEDs and weren’t too terribly expensive as they are by Home Decorator’s Collection from Home Depot.  The seeded glass is nice because it allows more light to radiate through than a shaded light and yet the seeding helps to camouflage spider webs and bugs that will inevitably find their way into the fixture.  They are definitely more obvious with clear glass!


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