our English Tudor remodel: stucco part II


We were delighted the evening before the Fourth to see a pallet full of the stucco color component delivered to our little construction area.  And, yesterday was the day!  The crew braved our current heat wave and started applying the more exciting stucco layer….color!

You might be surprised that not a lot of time or even effort went into selecting these exterior hues.  The first consideration was definitely not “what color do we want our house to be?”  Instead, the features of the house that we are not currently changing were considered: the brick, roof shingles, and front door.  Secondly, our environment was considered.   We live in the high desert and the sun gets intense here during the summer months.  So, for maintenance purposes, all dark colors (at least for the body of the house) were not even given a chance because they will most likely fade.  Lighter colors fare better here and since the roof is already darker, we knew that a lighter color would be a nice contrast.   And then, finally, current “fashionable” colors were considered.  A lot of the stucco houses around here were built in the 90’s and have a peachy or pinkish tint to them.  Those colors aren’t exactly en vogue now even though they are traditionally “desert” or southwestern hues.  And, given the architecture of the house, it seemed more logical that a neutralized palette was in order.  Maybe this rationale seems really involved, but honestly it took only about fifteen minutes to think through.

I have a huge designer’s box of color swatches from Sherwin Williams, but on this project I never even cracked it open (I do like their selections as far as color and budget go though).  Nope, instead I pulled the selections from the Milgard samples we got when choosing our new French doors.  The exterior side is Tweed and we needed the door and bump outs around the windows to coordinate, so viola!….the stucco subcontractor had her sources match it (yes, our sub is a woman and her business totally rocks the other stucco businesses here… I think that Grace Bonney from Design*Sponge should feature Gina if she writes a sequel to In the Company of Women).  And, Milgard’s Sand is the perfect neutral for the body of the house.  Another benefit is that companies like Milgard put a lot of time, effort, and money into market research regarding color.  They’ve done all of the work as far as determining what colors are current and appeal to most of the residential market.  This is important for us because we don’t know when we will sell the house as my hubby’s job has prompted frequent cross country moves in the past.  Appealing to the masses rather than creating a highly unique exterior is key for us this time around.





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