while waiting


While we are waiting for the gray stucco to “cure”, I decided it might be a good idea to finish a little project I started back in April!  Life just happened, as it does, and my painting project stalled.  How did it get to be July anyways?

We’ve had this little vintage “telephone cabinet” for over a decade.  Back in the day, a rotary phone would be placed on top and the phone book, etc. placed on the open shelf.  The drawers were for miscellaneous doo-dads I suppose.  This piece has been a sheet music cabinet for us, an awkward bedside table, and most recently has sat in our entryway.  As most folks know, its just nice to have a surface in the entryway so there is a place for packages, a guest’s purse, etc.  Or flowers are always nice too.


The dilemma I faced was that while the piece has good bones (dovetailed drawers, sturdy construction, and solid metal hardware) and a nice shape, the finish itself had too much gold undertones in it.  As Emily Henderson lamented recently, its a tough decision….do you keep the wood grain or paint over it?   I went for paint because my hubbie has never really been thrilled about the cabinet so if worse comes to worse, I’m sure I can Craigslist it.  But now that its finished, I’m just not sure about the color.  As I’ve mentioned before, I love Vintage Market & Design’s chalk based paint.  I had their Santa Fe color already and so went with it.  But now I’m realizing that, looking around the house, its obvious that I have a thing for turquoise and its cousins.  And there can be too much of a good thing, you know.   There is getting to be just a bit too much blue hue around here.  What do you think?  Repaint it a warmer color? Gray?  Forget it and sell it?






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