our English Tudor remodel: stucco part 1


When we arrived home from our trip earlier this week, it was a kick to see the house partially covered in styrofoam and “chicken wire” as well as the initial gray stucco layer. Besides eliminating the house’s perforated state (as I mentioned before, it had lots of holes!), the main design idea behind the remodel is to eliminate the older traditional Tudor aesthetic and replace it with a more contemporary look that still hints at the Tudor style.  One way we are hopefully accomplishing this is through stucco bumpouts with a “cottage” look that will frame the windows as well as with the larger bumpouts that will run horizontally along the exterior walls.  There won’t be any vertical bumpouts since those just come across as too traditional.

To create the “cottage” window framing, we simply had the stucco crew create the bumpouts with styrofoam and wire.  The apron, or bottom of the framing, extends a few inches past the two intersecting vertical sections.  I’m hoping that this effectively gives an effective nod to the traditional architecture.

When we were driving towards the house upon returning from our trip, I must confess that I freaked out momentarily as I saw the gray stucco.  I thought they had gotten the colors wrong!  It turns out that this is the base layer which will take a week to “cure” prior to the final colored layer being applied.  Whew!  This gray layer is really exciting to see, though.  It drastically improves the scale of the house and makes it seem more visually substantial.


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