our English Tudor remodel: doors and windows


Before leaving for the Midwest for about a week for our oldest Sprout’s baseball tournament, the guys installed the new French door in the dining area as well as the new windows for the garage.  All are by Milgard and energy efficient.  When the previous owners had the windows replaced a few years back, they never got around to the garage windows.  My guess is that this was due to the budget.  Anyways, now the old brown trimmed 1980s windows are finally gone and the new ones match the others as closely as possible.  They’re just standard white trimmed windows due to the others being white.  If we were installing new windows throughout the house, I would’ve selected a different color but projects are always about budget and compromise!

The amount of natural light these new additions allow make a huge difference.  The garage, while still an enormous mess, seems bigger.  And since the side of the door facing into the dining area is still primed (no color yet!), the room seems bigger.  Its an amazing visual difference between it and the old wooden door.  The primed side isn’t too bad and we will probably leave it as is until we decide what to do with the dining area millwork sometime down the road.  The other side of the door is “tweed” and coordinates with the metal soffit and fascia.  The great thing is that it won’t need to be painted!  Low maintenance is definitely key in this busy family home.

We also love the new oiled bronzed hardware as it seems to go better with the English Tudor style.  We’re gradually changing our metal finishes in the house from cheap looking 1980s “brass” to a mix of the oiled bronze and antique brass.  When done well, mixing metals can make a home look more customized.  I’m crossing my fingers that we will successfully pull this off in time!


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