updating our ugly 80’s powder room

this is the best “before” photo I have (I’m terrible about taking photos since I often just spontaneously jump into a project!)  Check out the groovy oak toilet seat too!

Our powder room lies  nestled in the walk through laundry area off of our garage.  With three Sprouts, you can imagine how frequently this wee bathroom is accessed!  We have aspirations to paint it just to freshen it up, but recently we jumped at the opportunity to have the fixtures replaced (have I mentioned that I have the most awesome father-in-law ever?).  And, I jumped on the chalk based paint bandwagon again and refreshed the tired 1980s oak cabinets with Vintage Market & Design’s Peacock.  I adore this color and quite honestly, I don’t think my amateur photos do it justice.  Hop on over to their website to check out a better representation.  (and, by the way, I really do like their product. This blog doesn’t receive kickbacks, etc. from any company so you can trust that when I recommend something, I’m being completely honest!)

Simple changes really do make a huge difference.  Beside the paint job on the cabinets, we added a new Delta faucet with a coordinating hand towel holder and toilet flushing handle.  And, check out the new light fixture.  I love how it add a contemporary flair to an otherwise traditional powder room.  Our next step is to paint and hopefully we’ll get to that by Fall!

before: ugly “movie star” lighting
chalk based paint saves the room!  knobs are from a vintage piece I painted a few years back and from our local hobby store ($1 each!)


the room is so tiny that its really hard to get a great photo….what you can’t see very well in this photo is that we also replaced that ugly oak toilet seat!



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