cool kid murals on our (exterior!) walls

Harry Potter on the walls

I’ve always been a fan of open ended play for our Sprouts.  Kids really are happier when left with their imaginations and a few “unformed” items (think sticks, rocks, cardboard boxes, etc.) with which to create rather than “formed” playthings created by adults. Despite the best of adult intentions, these leave less room for imaginative play for the kiddo because the formed plaything, based on an adult’s imagination, guides the child’s play instead of the child being the one driving the bus.  Does that make sense?   This is why we have never, for example, erected things like wooden play castles in our yards (we’ve moved a lot) when the Sprouts were younger.  Of course, the “formed” items gain companies millions of dollars so they are everywhere and the marketers know how to grab a child’s attention so that they think they want that latest toy or gadget.   The fun doesn’t usually last for long though.  In addition, as parents, most of us think that we want things that look Pinterest worthy.  Cardboard boxes and the like don’t necessarily make the cut.

Along those lines, sidewalk chalk is a great and inexpensive “unformed” tool for kids.  Our Sprouts are a bit older now, but my two youngest still tend to enjoy creating with chalk if we give them time and space.  They had a blast yesterday drawing on the walls of the house (stucco starts next week!) and on the deck!  Below are some of their perfectly imperfect creations.

The metal trim is going up slowly but surely.  Its a tedious process because the pieces have to be carefully cut and applied.  The great thing is that we won’t ever have to paint the trim again and the metal won’t react to our extreme variations in temperature throughout the year like wood does.  I’m really pleased with the color as its more neutralized.  The old trim was brown with a good amount of red in it, which made the house look even more dated since reds aren’t really in fashion these days.    The crew is also tackling the rotten parts of the white fiber board, hacking off the bad parts and replacing them with plywood to prep for the stucco guys next week.


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