our English Tudor remodel: prep work


Embarking on an exterior remodel is a lot like painting a room in that the tedious prep work is what seems to take the most time.  Its not exactly what you’d call the glamorous side of the project!  The crew has been meticulously pulling off our gutters and the old rotting boards at our roof line and applying fresh new wood so that the metal for the soffit and fascia will have a solid surface to which it can adhere.  They’ve been braving temps in the high 90s as well as the cold front that came through (and along it the 55-60 mph winds).  Work actually ceased when the high winds came through because the area at the back of the house is like a tunnel and it was too dangerous for them to be up on the ladders working.

We are hoping to re-use the gutters you see on the left, but I’m wondering if they are going to look too ragged once we get all of the new trim up.  The currently white entry walls as well as the ceiling at the front entryway (on the right) are going to be stuccoed.  I’m not sure what we will do about that tile floor.  Some brilliant former owner thought it would be a good idea to extend the interior tile to this little exterior area.  It will end up being a future DIY I’m sure.   Maybe Ardex?

The crew has found plenty of wasp nests during the deconstruction!   We’ve had a serious problem with blue wasps for the past few summers, so I’m crossing my fingers that they won’t return.  They’ve mostly been up high where we haven’t been able to get to them easily.  Of course, over the past two years or so they’ve also ended up as a fantastic challenge for my bug loving boys who have determined themselves as “the organic wasp patrol”.  Armed with just fly swatters, squirt bottles full of water, and glass jars, they have caught and managed our wasp population quite well without getting stung even once.  Cheap thrills create the best entertainment for kids!

We were worried that the cats might disappear due to the  commotion with the work crew, but they seem quite chilled despite all of the activity.   I also thought I’d let the Sprouts have some fun with the walls since they are going to be stuccoed anyways.  Last evening, I gave our youngest her fresh new box of sidewalk chalk and let her express her inner artist by drawing on the back walls.  You should’ve seen how wide her eyes got when she found out she had permission to draw on the house!   What was even funnier was when the boys discovered her creation (they’d been out of the house).  They thought they’d busted her at first, but are now eager to add their own creative touches!


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