a delightful hideous mess


Our curb appeal went from bad to worse these past two days as the crew started ripping off the Tudor style boards.  Most of it was rotting and beneath the boards was even more yuck.  Its really a delightful hideous mess!  It was suddenly obvious where the 1980s contractor cut corners, so there is going to be a bit more prep work than originally anticipated.   Isn’t that always the case with remodeling?

Here is the house right before the crew began working:


I guess it doesn’t really look so bad until you get up close and personal.  A lot of work was completed on Day 1:


And then yesterday the fun continued, this time without a hitch:


New boards are being added near the roof line to provide a fresh surface for the new soffit and fascia, which is going to be a pre-painted metal.  We live in the high desert and wood does not fare well here.  We have hot and very dry summers (it was 100 degrees yesterday!) and our winter temps often fall below freezing.  The metal samples I previewed looked great, so I’m crossing my fingers that they will look just as good on the house.  The other benefit, of course, is low maintenance as we won’t have to paint them. Score!  Also, the rotten white boards you see in some of the photos are going to be sliced at the decaying areas only and replaced with plywood so that the stucco crew will have a firm surface upon which to work.  This will save time and money and yet still get the job done.

Thanks for popping in to see our little project!  Even though the house is looking awfully ugly, we still have some gorgeous flowers popping in our somewhat untamed English garden. Nature’s beauty is always the best decor!




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