our English Tudor remodel is about to begin!


It is really amazing to me that we have lived in this 1980s English Tudor for over four years.  How did that happen? Oh yeah.  We have three Sprouts that keep us on our toes.  Fun times to be sure!

When we purchased the house, it already had holes and rips in it.  The exterior is basically some sort of textured particle board that some genius thought would be an economical solution to stucco.  So, we have a lovely patch on the front of the house that is peeling and then several holes and rips on mostly the back side.  The silver lining on this dark cloud is that we’ve had a great backdrop for some rockin’ Halloween parties the past few years!  And, over all, the house does have a lot of charm despite its current disheveled appearance. 


Our remodel is focused on the exterior, but I’ll be sharing a few little DIY interior projects along the way.  Let’s just say that I am totally smitten with chalk based paint these days.  In this post, you can see the current condition and aesthetics (ahem) of the house.  Also check out the materials collage and inspiration photos and let me know what you think.  Tomorrow, they will start to remove the traditional “Tudor” boards and install a new French door at our dining area, which connects to the back deck.   I’m hoping the entire project will be an enjoyable ride…..


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