amazing abeego


I think that a great majority of us moms are constantly on the look out for environmentally friendly lunchbox storage items and accessories.  There are so many more products on the market these days.  And, just like parenthood, you kind of have to find what works for your family through trial and error.  For example, I can’t tell you how many eco-friendly water bottles we have tried out through the years!

For the past three years. I’ve packed our three Sprouts’ lunches using lunchskins sandwich bags.  I’ve been incredibly pleased with how they’ve held up and they seem to retain freshness well.  At least, the kids always eat their sandwiches and never complain about dry bread.  Which is huge seeing that we live in the high desert.

One member of our family, however (ahem), is a bit more particular about his sandwich freshness!  He has the right to be, though, since he bakes our sandwich bread from scratch every weekend.  (All of the wives on my husband’s side of the family are so fortunate and we count our lucky stars for marrying into a family where my father-in-law baked bread for his boys and then taught them to bake bread as well!  His recipe rocks our world.)  Anyways, since the lunchskins don’t float my hubby’s boat, I did some research and found abeego.  This stuff is amazing!  They’ve been around for a while, so maybe you’ve already heard of them.  It keeps food incredibly fresh.  We’ve used it several times and even my hubby admits that it works.  It does take some getting used to as the beeswax is a bit stiff until its been broken in by several uses.  The large size works well for a regular sammie and can also be used for other food items or to cover a bowl.   If you’re concerned about cutting down or completely eliminating your family’s sandwich bag usage, go check them out!



P.S. this blog does not feature affiliate partners, so any products mentioned are mentioned because I find them useful, well designed, or both!


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