phase 1 of the music cabinet redux


Despite being able to barely carry a tune myself, I married into a wonderfully classically musical family.  And our children, thankfully, are following in their father’s footsteps.  Hence, we are beginning to accumulate sheet music with more to come.   Accumulating excessive piles of music on top of the piano, however,  just isn’t going to cut it around here.  So, back in January, I was trolling our local Goodwill and finally found an inexpensive piece to hack for a music cabinet.  I’ve been on the hunt for months!  For a mere $25 I scored this vintage entertainment center that looks like it was for one of those “box” TVs.  Do you remember those?  The ones with a dial?  The piece was in fairly decent shape with the exception of a bit of trim that needed to be glued and nailed.  I love the bowed front and the metal grill at the base.   The construction is solid and all that is needed is to have a backing added and the interior modified with shelving.  With our busy family schedule, I’m going to have to wait on the modifications but after having such a success with Vintage Market and Design furniture paint on our pantry doors, I couldn’t wait to paint again!  I’m hoping the entire piece will be done by summers end, but phase 1 of this project is officially complete.

I selected Peacock, a beautiful deep turquoise, to bring out the hint of turquoise in an art print we have hanging in the room.  Because I wanted more of a distressed look and didn’t have the extra money to buy the VMD waxes, etc., I just applied one coat of paint in a crosshatching pattern.  However, because the cabinet top will get more wear with music cases and who knows what else, I applied a second coat there.  After the paint dried and cured 24 hours later, I applied the protective clear coat and switched out the door pulls with some discount knobs from our local hobby store (they were two for one and only cost me $5).

We are already using the piece to an extent.  Piles of music as well as the boys’ music bags live inside the half finished cabinet.  And, as I’d suspected, the viola has found a nice resting spot on top while the cello comfortably leans against the side.  Once the cabinet is completely done, I’ll have to pull out my designer’s wand and find some cool mirrors or artwork to hang above it.




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