fowl friends


Last week, I was washing something at the kitchen sink and gazing out our window towards the chicken yard.  At first glance, I thought I saw Ping, one of our Blue Swedish ducks, at her feeding trough in the backyard.  (For newbies here, we named our birds which we obtained last year based on a children’s literature theme and Ping is named after the classic by Marjorie Flack).  I did a double take, though, when I realized that the head was too small!  And it was green, not black.  Sure enough, a closer look confirmed that a foreign fowl was in the yard.  And not one, but two.  A pair of Mallards had landed and were helping themselves to free food.  We honestly thought it was a passing phase.  Since we live near the Colorado River and the Connected Lakes, we have the amazing privilege of seeing a lot of birds around here.  We figured they were passing through and had made a pit stop.  Well, the pair probably decided that free food and a safe, though relatively tiny, pond were hard to beat.  Since Monday, they have showed up in the mornings and hang out with Ping and Jemima until dusk when they take flight towards the Connected Lakes.  By Tuesday afternoon, our girls decided that it just might be alright to let these foreign fowl swim in their pond.  And, finally, this morning they were all quacking together.  Favorite fowl friends indeed.


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