spring fling


This may or may not be monumental to my Southern California friends, but out here in Colorado spring has sprung!  Yes, really.  Friends from the Midwest and Montana know how riveting this is.   In contrast to our families back East who are braving winter storms, we have had warm days sometimes in the 50s and 60s.  This is the warmest February our family has experienced since leaving SoCal almost a decade ago.  Folks, that’s huge!  Over the years, February has become my least favorite month so I can tell you I’m doing a little happy dance over here in the high desert of Colorado.

The daffodils are blooming and there are green sprouts everywhere.  We even have new baby chicks!  A friend here has connections with a family hatchery in Texas and we got three Rhode Island Reds and three Easter Eggers from her.  Last year, we went with a children’s literature theme for both the chicks and ducklings.  This time we went for a floral theme (well, with the exception of Miss Cluck Cluck due to my eldest child’s insistence!).  So, we are thrilled to welcome Violet, Chrysanthemum, Daisy Mae, Miss Rosa (named after the flower and Rosa Parks), Miss Cluck Cluck, and Daffy (short for Daffodil).  Both breeds are specifically egg layers versus the dual purpose birds we got last year, so our hope is that egg production will increase enough to sustain our own Sprouts as well as to have extras to give away to neighbors and friends.  We are also very curious to see what colors of eggs the Easter Eggers lay: blue, green, light pink, or brown?  Getting chicks early will also make our lives easier since they will obviously be more mature and easier to care for by the time we begin our spring and summer travels.  Now in the meantime, if we can just avoid a late spring snow storm….



brainstorming for names
brainstorming for names


one chick's name was inspired from this book
one chick’s name was inspired from this book

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