processing poop: our upcycled compost bin


When we first moved into this house a little over a year ago, we were excited to see that there was a composting area in the corner of the back lot.  At least it was an attempt.  However, since composting has become more mainstream again, I don’t have to describe in too much detail why a mere clearing in which to pile yard clippings is ineffective.  There was nice, black “gold” underneath it all and even a lot of worms.  But the space needed some serious organization to be truly effective. And, now that we have poultry we absolutely needed a three bin composting area so that we could rotate the decomposing you know what.

During the Spring,  we saved the boards from our forty year old fence that was partially replaced and used those along with left over chicken wire to create a three sectioned composting bin.  The wire allows for air circulation. Luckily, the last owners had placed a raised sprinkler head at the back edge of the clearing so we were already guaranteed enough moisture which is important for any compost bin but particularly important here in the high desert.  On the front sides, we designed the walls so that the planks could be slid up and off of the bin in order to easily dump a wheelbarrow load or two.  This also allows the piles to get quite large and still be contained.  Another great “built in” feature already in place was that the previous owners had planted bushes around the composting spot.  Some have died, but the remaining bushes create an effective visual “screen”.  The entire project was a family affair with the kids helping right alongside of us.  In a small way, having them help is not only great fun (what kid doesn’t like to dig in the the dirt and use Daddy’s tools?) but it indirectly teaches them about the importance of composting, recycling, and upcycling.  Hopefully those small lessons will stick with them for a long time.

we improved the existing composting area that was outlined by cement blocks
we improved the existing composting area that was outlined by cement blocks



And, ta da!  The great unveiling of our super duper dirt and poop organizer……



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