poultry post script


After I posted about the “double wide” earlier this weekend and was reviewing the photos, I realized that the “chucklings” are even bigger this weekend than when we modified their digs.  So, alas, here are the latest and greatest photos!  We are still trying to wrap our heads around how to control the wet mess that Ping and Jemima enjoy creating.  Today I went and bought a slightly larger waterer in hopes that I could provide them with a “wading pan” separate from their drinking water area.  I’m not sure if that idea is going to help or make matters worse.  I suppose time will tell!  While I was rearranging their cage, they got to visit the chicks and were greeted with quite a lot of peeping and cheeping from their smaller feathered friends.  And, Jemima and Ping quickly made themselves right at home, settling in to snuggle with the chicks and, of course, stepping in their relatively clean waterer.  Sigh.  Poor Henrietta  seemed sad when they had to go back “home” and acted as if she wanted to go with them.

making herself at home
making herself at home





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