a room with a view


Since we ended up with four chicks who were already a week old rather than six “new” chicks a day old, we’ve had to change the poultry housing rather quickly.  The Golden Laced Wyandottes, Alice and Emma, are the most adventurous and Alice decided to try to fly out of the baby pool brooder over the weekend.  She made it.  I think she even surprised herself!   Plus, the cold garage floor wasn’t exactly what she was anticipating.  So, yesterday the girls got their first housing upgrade and now have a room with a view!   Sitting on tip of the kids’ workbench, the cage allows the girls natural light and a peek at the yard they will one day explore.   The cage is an old poultry transport cage we obtained in Montana and its just perfect for adding sticks to help the chicks practice their elementary roosting skills. Last night, Alice and Emma actually fell asleep roosting and were rocking back and forth in their sleep so much that we were sure that they were going to topple over any minute!  I tell you, they’re truly the best entertainment around.

Equally entertaining are the antics of the two smallest chicks, our Silver Laced Wyandottes named Henrietta and Mrs. Wiggins.  I think we’ve had a reverse imprinting because Henrietta in particular follows the ducklings around constantly.  On the first day, the ducklings would fall asleep and then she’d come up and start pecking their bills.  It reminded me of early motherhood when you’re finally asleep and then your sweet wee one needs you as soon as you’ve finally dozed off.  Like the youngest and sometimes annoying sibling, Henrietta is always right next to Jemima Puddleduck and Ping when they eat, drink, waddle, and sleep.  She even tries to nestle up beneath them when its nap time as if they are her mothers.  I think she is definitely going to be the one we will have to watch later in the summer when the ducks start playing in the pond!




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