meet the “chucklings”


Our ranch co-op called yesterday to say they’d confirmed the gender of the ducklings and that females were indeed received.   So, one very excited Sprout accompanied me to the store to pick them up and they have settled in nicely with the other little ladies.  Ducklings raised along with chicks are often called “chucklings” because they imprint with the chickens.  A friend here who was raised on a farm suggested we try it.  Despite a lot of negative talk on many online forums, she gave us some basic guidelines to follow and says that they never had problems with chucklings.  I guess time will tell.  I just hope that the chickens don’t  decide to try out the pond a few months from now!   Ping and Jemima Puddleduck are quite pleased with their new abode and other feathered friends.  And, speaking of feathered friends, the chicks have finally been named!  We tried to use mostly names from children’s literature and many of them are barnyard names from the Freddy the Pig series.  (If you haven’t read the Freddy books, we highly recommend them!  Originally published in the 1930s, they are being reprinted now and the series is great for elementary aged bedtime read alouds.)  Thus, we now have a Henrietta, Daisy Mae, Alice, Emma, Mrs. Wiggins, and Honey (the only non-kidlit name).








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