cheap thrills

IMG_3761Since leaving Montana and moving to Colorado, we’ve been on a poultry hiatus.  Last spring, we’d finally moved into our new digs after a horrendous housing search.  We simply were not prepared to welcome feathered friends in the midst of unpacking boxes, removing cottage cheese ceilings, and perforating walls in the house!  Another Spring is now on our horizon now and we decided that we’d give backyard birds a “go” on our evolving {sub}urban homestead.

Didn’t someone once say that God laughs at man’s best laid plans?  I’m sure there is a quote like that floating around.  We decided to purchase our chicks at a local ranch co-op that has a good reputation for reliable service and one can reserve selected breeds there.  Our flock in Montana had arrived in the mail at the tail end of a harsh winter (and spring came late there!) and had a rough ride.  Getting birds locally seemed to be a sure thing.  Almost.  We’ve had no severe disasters, but the hatchery messed up our order.  Instead of six brand new chicks and two ducklings, we’ve ended up with two new chicks and four that are about a week old.  The girls are already good buddies, though, and due to the snafu we ended up with three breeds rather than the original two.  We are now proud owners of two Golden Laced Wyandottes, two Silver Laced Wyandottes, and two Buff Orphingtons.  The hatchery didn’t sex the ducklings and so the store held onto to them until a qualified person can determine the genders.  We certainly can’t have a drake roaming around in a subdivision!  Hopefully that will be resolved before the weekend is over.

We are all thrilled with our newest wee ones.  They are certainly the best “cheap” entertainment around!





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