the big {blu} apple


While just slightly larger than a tennis ball, the Blu Apple is “big” as an eco-friendly way to preserve fruits and veggies!  I discovered these gems while poking around our Natural Grocers a few months ago.  At the time, I was taking an amazing online whole foods cooking class and was hunting for some foreign-to-me ingredients that I can’t find at our usual grocery stomping grounds.  The advertisement on the packaging for Blu Apple has proven to be true, believe it or not.  Our produce (kept out of plastic bags but remaining in the crisper drawer) stays fresher longer and thus we are saving money by not tossing that veggie I was planning on steaming four or five days ago.  Ahem, or even last week.  How does it work?  Refill packets placed in the Apple use the same ethylene gas absorption technology that growers and shippers have used for decades to keep fruits and veggies fresh between the farm and market.  Ethylene gas is what causes produce to over ripen.  Once the packet expires (it truly lasts for three months-that was very obvious at our house), you can recycle it by using the packet contents as fertilizer.  For our family of five, using the Blu Apple has made perfect sense as we strive to save money and yet eat as naturally as possible!

P.S. Please note that I do not receive kick backs from any advertisers.   I’m just sharing what works for our family in hopes that it will help others out there in the blogosphere.  You can find out more at



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