black Friday: our new family tradition


We have never been ones to participate in the Black Friday mayhem.  Honestly, it hurts my head just to think of it!  And, like so many others, we are finding the crass commercialism of the holidays to be the polar opposite of the soulfulness that really should characterize the season.  So, instead of just staying home this year on Black Friday we decided to be more proactive and started a new family tradition: Christmas tree hunting!  For almost the same price we would have paid at a tree lot, we rented snow shoes, obtained a $8 tree cutting permit from the National Forest Service, and had lunch at a cute lodge on top of the Grand Mesa.  While all of the Grand valley was stuck in a cloudy inversion, we ventured on top of the largest mesa in the US and into a sunny and pristine Winter wonderland!  Granted,  our tree is a bit on the wonky side.  But we had a magnificent time and will be doing this for years to come.  I think I’m beginning to adore Black Friday (grin).  Let the holiday festivities begin!



ready for the hunt
ready for the hunt





homeward bound
homeward bound





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