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Its been forever since I’ve yarned along with Ginny at Small Things.  I figure its time to jump back in!  I’ve recently completed a beginner’s crochet class at our awesome yarn shop, Tangle.  The project was very do-able: a face cloth and soap “sweater”.  I thought the face cloth was a big large, so the second time around I made it smaller and added the lacy trim.  And, the larger one also ended up, well, not-so-square!  The soap sweater is awesome, though.  I think the Sprouts may be finding some in their stockings this year, even though the colors of the yarn are more summery than wintery.  (I originally was slated to take the class back in May.  Hence, the beachy colors.)

After waiting several weeks, I finally got the copy of Michael Pollan’s Cooked from our library.  Parts of it were a bit slow, but I especially enjoyed the first quarter of the book that discussed cooking with fire.  He went into great depth about real barbeque (the whole pig kind, not dogs and burgers) and shadowed several pit masters from my home state, North Carolina.  I won’t give the whole book away, but I am seeing cooking in an entirely new light.  I’m determined to teach my kids to cook, too, as Pollan concludes that cooking is becoming a lost art in our convenience driven society.  I think he may be a bit misinformed regarding how many people actually do cook, however.  Perhaps he needs to leave Berkley and hang out with some homeschooling families for a bit!  Most of those we know work diligently to provide “slow food” for their families.  Cooking meals from scratch, canning and other methods of preserving food, baking bread, etc. are not uncommon.   I also wonder if Pollan is unaware of the homemakers movement or has even read Shannon Hayes.  All in all, he is still one of my favorite authors and the book is well worth reading.  Now, I’m off to the kitchen!


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