One aspect of this house’s curb appeal that isn’t actually very appealing is the overgrown trees in the front yard.  The cedar tree near the front door hides the great roof line over the entry (and the UPS man has to walk into the grass just to get to the door!).  The other eye sore is the wildly unmanicured Spruce tree hugging the corner of the house.  I wonder if its ever been pruned!  Apparently, two owners back, the tree was planted to hide a crack in the brick wall fence that you can’t even see from the street now.  I’m sure planting the tree seemed like a good idea twenty five years ago.  Our insurance company didn’t like the trees either when our initial appraisal was done, so this weekend my sweet and brave husband is trying his hand at being a lumberjack!  We’ve already had several neighbors stop by to congratulate his efforts.

The Cedar came down quickly and we’ll address the base and roots later.  As for the Spruce, well, its a work in progress! Its a huge tree.  Thankfully, our wonderful neighbor (seriously, his name is Roger Moore) came over to help as well and mulched up a lot of the debris that we’re not keeping for firewood.  I don’t know what we’d do without 007!  And, for the first little bit at least, the kids thought it was great fun!  They even found a few old birds’ nests buried in the branches.







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