our natural playscape, part 2


Our natural playscape is shared by both our two legged children and four legged friends.  After weeks and weeks of merely existing in their (albeit very nicely made) hutches, we finally found the time to create a bunny yard for our Mini Lops.  We had already created one in Montana and so had an idea of how to proceed.  If you’re thinking about building a yard, the most important point to keep in mind is that rabbits love to dig.  Which means that the fence needs to be buried at least 4 inches below the ground.  Six inches is really preferable.  And, if you are in a rural area, its best to use no climb horse fencing to keep unwanted visitors out.  We used it for this yard, too, since we had left over fencing from the previous yard.  Then we lined the existing wooden privacy fencing with a lesser gauged wire.

I’d hoped to cover the fencing with something pretty like morning glories until Google said that wasn’t a wise idea.  Then our super gardening neighbor gave me ornamental beans that produce a gorgeous red flower.  But, the bunnies thought the seedlings were a tasty treat.  Seriously, what was I thinking?  Maybe next year I’ll try to grow loofahs there instead.  Perhaps the tougher vine will deter them.

In the meantime, we’ve placed our bird feeders in the “yard” and have sunflowers growing outside the gate far from the nibblers’ reach.  And, I’m happy to report that the bunnies took to digging right away and have created a burrow under one of the Sprouts’ climbing trees.  Ben stuck a tape measure down there recently and its over six feet deep!  That is really good news in this climate since they will stay cooler underground.

Although our bunnies are only pets right now, I am hoping that as we get more settled that we can look into using our Angora Mini Lop, Flopsy, for fiber.  There is a huge Fiber Guild here with lots of members who are spinners.  Eventually raising several Angoras might be fun, don’t you think?  I’d love to learn to spin one of these days, too.  I just picked up the latest edition of Urban Farm magazine and can’t wait to read their article on urban fiber farming with Angoras!




sadly, Grayson passed on a week or so ago...he was such a sweet Daddy bunny
sadly, Grayson passed on a week or so ago…he was such a sweet Daddy bunny



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