be our guest


There are many great aspects to having friends and family visit.  One is that the impending visit spurs one to finally clean the house or take care of some lingering project.  My wonderful and amazing father in law has been here for a while now, tirelessly doing projects around the house while Ben has been at work.  There have been doors replaced (no easy task, to say the least!), intentional holes in walls, lighting hung, a workbench constructed, and the list continues.  Words truly cannot adequately express our gratitude!  Even greater than all of the projects he has tackled is just having him here and being in his presence.

Before he arrived, the Sprouts and I buckled down to get his guest space ready.  This house is quite quirky and its quirkiness becomes exponentially more obvious to us as time goes on! The guest room and bath are no exception.  The previous owners installed some beautiful marble tile in the bathroom, but then kept the old standard bathtub and sloppily trimmed the marble with oak quarter rounds.  And the laminate flooring has some issues as well.  Nevertheless, the room was an easy superficial fix aesthetically since the paint job was fairly new as was the sink area.  The Sprouts helped me find a free standing toilet paper holder (there is no logical place for one to be installed on the wall), towels, a curved shower rod and curtain, and toothbrush holder and we were set.  An old but favorite pair of floral prints were perfect for the walls and the room came together in no time! Now if only the other projects could be as easy…….






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