tearing down the house


As one enters the main level of our new abode, there is a small foyer.  To the left is the library  (I still have to pinch myself…we really have a library!) and to the right is a small rectangular living room.  Its the only area for public seating (conversational seating, not dining) and shares a wall with the dining area.  Its a traditional use of space and the feeling one gets from that space is quite confining.  We have decided to remedy the problem by busting through the wall so the two areas will flow into one another.  It will also allow us to “harvest” a lot of the natural light that floods the dining area.  Do you know how much fun this is for the Sprouts?  “Really, Mom, we get to break down the wall?”  They helped with the demolition a few days back and then, homeschooling mom that I am, we followed up with some great reads on how houses are built and the various styles of housing around the world.  I couldn’t help myself.

Following the initial demolition, my amazing and determined husband stayed up past midnight scraping the cottage cheese ceiling. And, he and my father in law hashed out their plans for this little redux that will hopefully have a large impact!










2 thoughts on “tearing down the house

  1. Loving all the posts! You guys are busy 🙂 Can hardly wait to see how much you get accomplished this summer now that school is out!

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