family closet? yes or no?

our temporary family closet, complete with sewing table!
our temporary family closet, complete with sewing table!

When we moved into our new digs about six weeks ago now, we decided to go ahead and tackle the Sprouts’ rooms.  My sweet and industrious husband has been scraping cottage cheese ceilings and painting during our rare spare moments around here.  In the meantime, the Sprouts have enjoyed camping out in the bonus room which adjoins the master bedroom.  Since we were all bedding down in the same area of the house, it only made sense to share the master closet.  Besides, its the biggest closet we have ever had!  And, since we spent our last two years in a tiny Montana farm house, we have already culled a lot of our stuff.  Even clothing.  I rationed almost everything we had just to make it all fit into that house.  So, needless to say, we have a minimum amount of clothing as it is.  (I think Ben actually has the most shoes and clothes out of the five of us and that is simply because he needs office clothes plus “home” clothes and the college t-shirts with which he just can’t bare to toss.  Its funny, though, to be able to say that my husband has more clothes and shoes than me!)

Although our family closet is a temporary fix, I’ve personally enjoyed having only one place to drop off laundry.  I’ve also found it very efficient when keeping track of the three Sprouts’ seasonal clothing needs.  And, I’ve been wondering if this idea would be feasible for other families.  Would you share a closet with your entire family?  I think that its an appealing idea for families with younger kiddos.  Particularly those living in small spaces or for very large families.  Do you think it would work with teens?  Do tell. I’m all ears!

Ben and the boys get the bigger wall of the closet....
Ben and the boys get the bigger wall of the closet….

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