Benjamin’s bunny bungalows


Due to our impending move to a neighborhood with HOA regulations, we decided weeks ago that it was time.  Time to move the bunnies from the piece-meal wire chicken cages to proper hutches.  Ben and the boys are becoming quite the animal shelter builders.  When we were living in Montana, they designed and built a hutch along with a chicken tractor.  A bit wiser and with some old fashioned experience under his belt this time, Ben designed a two piece hutch.  The removable house sits on an elevated stand to allow for easier mobility (those things can be very awkward to move in one piece!) and more thorough cleaning.  Although Daddy did most of the work, its been a family affair with the Sprouts helping to build and stain these bunny bungalows.  We made two of them:  a “boy” hutch and a “girl” hutch.  For now, all of the babes remain with mama until they are completely weaned around the first week of May.  We’ll keep a male and a female so that Grayson (the papa) and Flopsy (the mama) will have a “friend”.  The others are going to good homes .

All in all, we’re quite pleased with the bunny bungalows.  I think they are too!



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