yarn along


Despite the sheer craziness of moving, unpacking, getting to know our new locale, home schooling, and prepping to do it all again I’ve managed to knit a few rows here and there since Christmas.  I loved my beginner’s class at our amazing local yarn shop, Tangle, and last month took their “Two Hour Hat” class.  Ahem, it was more like 4 to 6 hours but that’s okay.  Perhaps it takes two hours once you get the hang of it.  I can never find a suitable winter hat because I have an unusually large head for a woman, so this class enabled me to make a cute and customized hat.  And the yarn!  Swoon.  Its naturally hand dyed and spun by another woman my age here in the area.  If you’ve never tried Luna Gray yarns, you’re missing out.  Jackie creates the most unusual modern yarns.  The skein I chose for this hat has some skinny parts and some thicker parts which gives the hat a really unique texture.  Love.

Luna Gray yarns rock!
Luna Gray yarns rock!

Besides my home school reading with the Sprouts, I’m re-visiting French Women Don’t Get Fat and getting ready to start Chi Running.  As I am just now emerging slowly but surely from the fog of early childhood parenting, I’m wanting to exercise more consistently and get out of my ho-hum eating rut.  I love the French idea of moderately eating fresh, tasty, and well prepared food for pleasure instead of being bogged down by regulating calories, fat content, gluten, and so on.  And I’m hoping that Chi Running will have some tips to enable me to start running consistently and comfortably since I haven’t been able to do so since our third Sprout came along.  So far, I like the yogi emphasis on breath rather than on muscling your way through a run with the “no pain, no gain” mindset.

Thanks again, Ginny, for the Yarn Along blog hop!


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