three months without a microwave


I’m adamantly in favor of sustainable living and was so even back in the day when going green wasn’t so hip.  We need to tap into sustainable energy sources (ahem, and actually use them), stop using plastic, and build with future generations in mind.  Sustainable living includes these larger, lofty pursuits, but it also truly begins with smaller and seemingly insignificant steps as well.

Three months ago, when we obtained early occupancy in this house, we started living sans microwave.  For many of us who grew up in the 70s and 80s, having a microwave in the kitchen is just a part of normal life.   Perhaps even a perceived necessity.  When we moved in, we noticed that the owners of the house took the freestanding microwave with them.  We decided that since there is very little linear counter space in the kitchen as it is, we’d try to live without a microwave.  It hasn’t been much of an adjustment really.  In fact, warming up leftovers on the gas stove top or in the oven hasn’t been as time consuming as we’d thought (it just takes some forethought).  And the food tastes so much better as its warmed evenly.  I use a French press for my morning cup ‘o joe and the turquoise tea kettle that the Sprouts gave me for Christmas works great for heating up the water.  And, clueless me had never even heard of a butter warmer.  It was another holiday gift and, besides being an adorable little pot, its incredibly useful for melting butter as well as heating up small quantities of sauces and even melting chocolate.

Even though we had never planned on these minute changes, they’re worthwhile.  We are using less electricity by not having a microwave (or coffee maker, for that matter) and we’ve experienced the little known fact that its not a huge inconvenience.    The house we are hoping to purchase soon has a microwave, but I don’t think we’ll use it!



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