We’re moving. Again.


Our latest relocation from rural and remote Montana to what Wikipedia describes as a “fringe rural” city in Colorado has been the most drawn out move for us yet.  In the past, we have typically had six weeks to get ready to relocate.  That gave us time to prep for the movers, drive to our new and always out of state locale, rent for two months while house hunting, secure a new house, and move in.  This time, due to a paperwork mishap, the Sprouts and I arrived a few weeks ahead of my husband.  We rented for two months as usual and after a lot of house hunting finally found an acceptable edifice.  Looking back, though, we’ve had this funny feeling that this wasn’t really “the ” house.  Once we got into negotiations, we discovered some legal issues that needed to be resolved on the sellers’ end but were assured that if we took early occupancy of the house we’d be closing by Christmas.  Make that by the first of the year.  No, wait. February. Um, next week (its the end of February now)?  Oh, so sorry.  Its now March but its going to take at least another eight weeks.  So, alas, we started house hunting this week.  Again.

The good news?  There really is a silver lining on the proverbial cloud.  After obtaining early occupancy (which I hope we never have to do again…talk about an awkward situation!) we realized that while we love some aspects of the house, we are most likely going to outgrow the floor plan within a few years as the Sprouts get bigger.  And, for a family that cooks almost every meal, the linear counter top space is quite minimal.  In fact, I think its the least we’ve ever had, including when we were newlyweds!  Hilariously, to top it all off, in this non-HOA neighborhood, the guy around the corner got ticked off at our next door neighbors and promptly established a lovely junk yard art display on his lot which sits almost at the edge of our driveway (we have very abstractly shaped lots).  That’s his handiwork pictured above.  Don’t you just love the toilet seat hanging off of the side view mirror of the junky truck he had towed in?  Classy,  I tell you.

The other great news is that it only took one afternoon of house hunting to find a new house.  Ironically (or not!), it was the first one viewed.  We are crossing our fingers that this one will be “it”.  Now to start prepping for our move from this “suburban farmhouse” to a Tudor, of all things!  Pop back in soon, especially if you’re planning a move yourself.  I thought I would share what works for us when moving with small children.  We’ve done it a few times by now and have some useful tips!

Our soon-to-be new digs?  We can only hope.....
Our soon-to-be new digs? We can only hope…..
The view at the end of the cul-de-sac.
The view at the end of the cul-de-sac.




5 thoughts on “We’re moving. Again.

  1. I will pray you get that house. It is so pretty! So glad to see you are doing well. We are really missing you here. Baseball signups are next week. As far as I know they still haven’t found a replacement for Ben. Of course, his shoes are hard to fill as our baseball coach! I have become great friends w/ Carla! She joined our book club and goes to our church. She is a great gal. Mason and Chase have become good friends as well and we’ve done a few things together…bowling, sledding, etc.. Well, we sure miss you guys and think of you often!

    1. I’m so glad that you all have gotten to know each other, Jen! Baseball is starting up here this weekend….Blake has tryouts on Sunday. We miss you all as well..keep us posted on your goings on! 🙂

  2. Oh my gosh Kim, I had no idea all this was going on! I never quite got the feeling from reading your blog or through emails that you guys were ‘in love’ with the other house. So it sounds like it’s working out perfectly in the end- minus the actual packing and moving part again 🙂 Good Luck! I love tudors, grew up in one and to this day I would love to live in another one. Can’t wait to see pictures!

    1. There are aspects of the current house that we really like (at least in comparison to what is on the market right here right now). I’d been waiting to post photos of the current house until we officially closed on it, thinking that perhaps its “bad luck” to post them beforehand. Oh, well. I suppose it doesn’t matter after all! Maybe I’ll go ahead and post them before we move. The “new” house better suits our family and we can grow into it easily. I can see it being a comfortable home even when the kids are teenagers (if we are here that long…). The floor plan just better suits us and the backyard is really great. The interior needs updating, which is really exciting! Finally, a design project!

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