yarn along: texting gloves!


I’m jumping back on board with Ginny at Small Things today.  Yarn Along is always so inspiring to this knitting knovice.  Maybe one day when I grow up I’ll be able to create such beautiful pieces!  I just finished a two night beginning yarn class at our amazing boutique yarn store in town, Tangle.  I am beyond thrilled to be living in an area with a yarn store after our remote existence these past few years in Montana.  Even though I know the basics of casting on and off, knitting, and purling, I decided it was time for a proper class.  There is nothing like learning from experienced crafters.  I’m so glad that I went!  I learned the most beautiful casting on technique.  Its from the continental style of knitting (versus the English style).  This project is super easy and would be a great project for any teens you’re trying to teach, too.  I even made some for our four year old as a Valentine’s Day surprise!  Also, I learned about a great online resource if anyone is interested.  Its way better than You Tube.  Check out knittinghelp.com!

As far as reading goes, well, I’m afraid I’m a bit of a bore right now.  I’ve been going through a lot of homeschooling information in books and online.  I’m revisiting educational philosophies in an attempt to find a better method to our madness.  Meh.

IMG_2206 IMG_2207





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