knitting knovice

the knitting knovice strikes agian
the knitting knovice strikes again

Never in my younger adult life did I think I would ever want to knit. Not to mention absolutely loving it! These days I am so very envious of those who were taught as children.  Obviously, knitting has become quite the thing these days and is a trendy hobby for young and old alike.  I personally stumbled into knitting a few years ago because learning to knit was a part of the Sprouts’ home school curriculum. Did you know that knitting is really beneficial for neurological development? (Check out this podcast.)  I’m still in beginner mode, but have found my first project easier and easier to duplicate as time has progressed.  This baby blanket has been crafted several times now and is truly a favorite.  A favorite because Mimi made the same blankets for a three of the Sprouts.  And a favorite because its just a beautiful yet simple pattern that gives me great practice with knitting and purling.  This particular blanket is en route to some very special friends who just had their first bambino following difficult years of trying to start a family.  I know the colors aren’t very baby-ish, but the Sprouts wanted it to be made of their favorite colors (purple, blue, and green).  Because, of course, the wee one would love it.  Why wouldn’t he?

Welcome, sweet little Poom!



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