post script: echo canyon

“climbing wall”

Ah, isn’t technology just the greatest?  At least when it cooperates and actually saves you time.  I don’t know why WordPress isn’t showing my posts following  November 1 thru yesterday’s post.  Ever since I tried to apply photos from my iPhone its been quirky.  Grrrr.

I wanted to share the rest of my photos (from my iPhone, finally!) from the Echo Canyon hike.  Our digital ran out of juice mid-hike and so I had to switch over to the iPhone.  I think I’m going to need to get a “real” camera one of these days.  Do you have a favorite you’d recommend?


oh, water, where art thou?
the end of the trail … can’t you just imagine those trees in full foliage?
A lot of the boulders are sandstone and so they are often textured with a variety of holes. This one had a wee cactus growing in it!







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