backyard adventures: echo canyon trail

After lots of celebrating due to Thanksgiving and Mandy’s birthday, we finally got out for a hike in the Colorado National Monument on Sunday afternoon.  I am still so thrilled that this amazing place is in our “backyard”!  In awe, I tell you.  We chose a “short” trail called Echo Canyon.  It was just the right distance for the Sprouts, although our tiniest was fairly exhausted by the journey’s end.  I’m not sure if that was because she was tired from the previous days’ activities or if the grade of the trail was too steep for little legs.  Probably a combination of both.  All in all, the Echo Canyon trail took us about two and a half hours in “Sprout time” (stopping for exploration, snacks, water, and the like).

This is a fantastic trail and, yes, the canyon does truly “echo” very well.  The boys were especially delighted with the acoustics.  We found the now dry creek bed to be amazingly sculptural and vowed to return in the spring to see it in all its water rushing glory.  At the end of the trail is where a waterfall erupts (in the spring, that is).  All we saw on Sunday were the watermarks on the rock and a standing pool of water.  Still, even at this time of year its a fun and beautiful hike!

every kid needs a stick and an echoing canyon
…. yes, every kid!
we’ll return in the spring to see the waterfall that belongs here
whew….we ended our hike just before sunset