We’ve had quite the festive week here.  After a wonderful Thanksgiving celebration with new friends, we turned around today to celebrate our tiniest Sprout’s most special day.  Four!  How did that happen?  Mandy is blossoming into a delightful and always beautiful little girl.  She is plucky and determined.  Very independent (she has to be with two older brothers!).  And adored by all.

We had a low-key family day to celebrate.  She wanted to help Daddy make her chocolate cake last night (and lick the entire beater by herself, of course!).  We went swimming this morning and then treated everyone to Red Robin where the birthday girl promptly ordered her most favorite foods….. a corn dog, fries, and ketchup.  (Sshhhh…. I know that the organic food police are hot on our trail!)  And then there was the birthday cake which, although yesterday she declared it to be her favorite, she decided today that it didn’t taste right after all. Sigh.  At least there was chocolate ice cream, too.  And, then there were the thoughtful presents from brothers who were just as (if not more) excited as the Birthday Girl that it was her day.  Complete with special things not only from the boys, but from Ben and me, and beloved family from afar.

Happy birthday, sweet girl!



One thought on “four

  1. A chain restaurant!!! 🙂 Happy birthday to Mandy- she looks so much like you Kim. We celebrated Zoe’s 2nd birthday last week at Red Robin as well- it really is perfect for the youngsters 🙂

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