backyard adventures: mica mine

As Old Man Winter’s footsteps become progressively louder out here, we have been trying to fit in as many hikes as possible before he actually arrives and settles in for a spell.  There are so many trails in our new “backyard” that sometimes its been hard to choose which ones to try first!  Over the weekend, we tried the Mica Mine trail out at Bang’s Canyon.  It was magnificent!  The Sprouts loved climbing the canyon walls and thought that they had struck it rich when we stumbled upon the piles of quartz along the top of the trail.  When we finally reached the old mine, we were amazed to see the huge chunks of mica embedded in the rocks.  This one is going to be on our “favorites” list!

even our smallest Sprout is becoming an agile mountain goat!
I think I am seeing “extreme sports” in our future…

the scenery takes my breath away
treasures found
checking out the mica
we love our new “backyard”!









One thought on “backyard adventures: mica mine

  1. So, so happy for you guys 🙂 Colorado seems to be a much better fit for you as a family- can’t wait to see more of your adventures and your new house!

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