a happy haunting

I was so very tempted to title this post “when will I ever learn?”  because this Halloween was just completely all over the place for us and I felt like I was stumbling through it.  In many ways, it felt too chaotic despite the best of intentions.  I had to remind myself that we’re in transition.  Next year we’ll be in our permanent house with the decorations the kids love and the Halloween books they’ve come to adore.  And, an inspiring thought this morning truly set me straight.  Halloween is about being a kid.  Its not about living up to the parents’ ideals.  Dressing up and wandering the streets at night can be enough.  Eating food that you’re not “supposed” to eat is fabulous.  Its once a year and its fun!  Us parents these days (ahem, more specifically I’d dare say its us mamas) tend to over-think holidays way too much.  I’m all for “intentional living” (a new-ish parenting buzz word for those of you without kiddos), but we seriously need to lighten up sometimes!

After several years of campaigning for Star Wars costumes, the boys got their wish this year.  Not wanting to spend so much dinero on costumes that will not actually last through a year of pretend play (which all of the Sprouts still adore!), we found costumes at Target.  Darth Vadar and the Bounty Hunter were ecstatic.  So was Rapunzel.    And then, to top it off (and this is when I wished I’d had that parenting how-to manual that really was supposed to come with each Sprout, right?) they totally scored and got second costumes this week!  All because I’d found out about a sweet “harvest festival” at a local Waldorf preschool.  It was a community fundraiser and supposedly very wholesome, family oriented, and anti-consumerist.  The only catch? No violent costumes.  We were teetering on the fence, I tell you.  So, I ended up whipping up very easy Robin Hood and Little John costumes (minus the bows and arrows!) at the last minute.  Thankfully I had my sewing machine (I didn’t trust the movers to pack it).  Maid Marian’s outfit was a hybrid of a store bought princess costume and homemade head piece and scarf.  And guess what?  The kids loved them!  They were beyond thrilled to have costumes that I made for them.  For some reason, that was extremely meaningful to them.  Later, I was kicking myself, thinking “why didn’t I just do this in the first place?”  It would’ve been much more economical and yet still retain the “fun factor”.    Sigh.  Eight years into this parenting gig and I still ask myself, “when will I ever learn?”.  I guess the important thing is that they had a blast at the harvest festival and on Halloween night.  And special surprise packages from loved ones afar added to the magic of it all.

I hope that you all had a happy haunting as well!

homemade spiders, bats and moons, and other decs set the tone in our temporary rental house
we checked out the Trunk and Treat in downtown Fruita last weekend
Fruita had cool trucks and tractors for the kids to climb into.


real princesses surely do drive big-rigs!


Robin Hood’s hat


the Sprouts befriended some Ravens along the way to the Harvest Festival


Harvest Festival. After visiting the Sleeping Giant, wandering through the Enchanted Forest, making applesauce and bread, woodworking, and making a magic wand, we had a yummy soup pot-luck with about twenty delightful soups from which to choose! Then we temporarily lost track of the Sprouts as they were off to play with new friends outdoors. Mandy retreated to the magical preschool classroom (above) to play with the smaller kiddos.


the boys made tree stump pencil holders at the festival and all of the Sprouts made paper pumpkins earlier in the day at Spanish class




2 thoughts on “a happy haunting

  1. Okay, I’ve decided that we have to move there. Got room for a family of 3? 🙂 It looks like you found the perfect place to live for your family! How fun the harvest festival looks! So jealous! LOVE the costumes! You are so creative!

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