yarn along

I truly am a Knitting Knovice and so really cannot manage knitting in the middle of a lot of activity yet.  I am eagerly anticipating the day that I can sit and knit without a second thought while simultaneously supervising the kids with their lessons.  Ginny and her weekly Yarn Along are a great inspiration for this mama and her simple projects! And, since we have been navigating through this big move to another state and all that it encompasses, it goes without saying that I haven’t knitted a stitch until this week!  But with a lovely and drool worthy yarn store right here in town coupled with the impending delivery of a friend’s first bambino, I’ve absolutely had to get my act together.  Quickly.  I’m using the same blanket pattern the Sprouts’ Mimi created for each of them.  Its a great review of “knit” and “purl” for me and it has a lot of sentimental meaning to our family.  A perfect gift!

And, in between stitches, I’ve even managed to review a John Holt classic, Learning All the Time.  With this move, there has also been a lot to think about in regards to how to best educate our most precious treasures.  And, although we currently use more of a “scripted” curriculum (but with wide margins!), I am finding Holt’s work to be encouraging and inspiring nonetheless.




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